Don’t miss Anastasiia’s talk on security and cryptography!

Press on Security is keen on keeping its readership up-to-date with news on DevExperience, the absolutely normal international conference. As the preparations for the event on April 23rd as well as for the community events are practically done, we are turning our attention towards the speakers that will share their experiences and best practices with the attendees.

The 2018 edition of DevExperience aims to be a reliable source for IT professionals and all other persons interested in getting more in-depth information in this field, including in security-related areas. As mentioned in a previous article, the event tackles a range of topics that are at the forefront of the industry.

Amongst them, the presentation on cryptography and security is something that should definitely not be missed. Security is instrumental in defining software development and the entire online ecosystem. The talk, “Don’t waste time on learning cryptography: better use it properly”, will be given by Anastasiia Voitova, a software engineer, with a passion for security.

As Anastasiia jokingly admits, she became a data specialist security after six years full of Computer Science and “some paranoia”. On DevExperience’s blog section, you can read more on her opinion about how security can become the greatest asset or the greatest liability and what are the main mistakes companies make when it comes to data security.

What does cryptography have to do with all of this you ask? Cryptography is at the core of electronic security technologies that are used today to protect valuable information resources. As the speaker herself mentions, it is the “lesser of two evils” because it doesn’t leave your data open to intruders. However, the way you design and build the systems that use cryptography has a major impact on how secure the end product will be. Security-by-design is something that all IT professionals need to have in mind when building software.

Join this session to learn more on how to use cryptography sanely and ask Anastasiia about data security.

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