AI will be listening and watching us more than ever

So, Google Assistant has just gone more Artificial Intelligent 🙂 Weather reports are suddenly obsolete, the tool can now make calls on your behalf and book appointments. And it does so in a very human-like nature.

At Google I/O developer’s conference in Mountain View, Google Assistant made a hair salon appointment over the phone. Without any problems, Google’s AI managed to carry out the conversation with a real human in a really efficient and convenient manner. The voice of the Assistant is extremely well constructed, I have no doubt that the audience had to make an effort to tell the happy voice of the salon receptionist from Google’s.

Although there still are a lot of people that never fail to voice their concerns about the future development of AI and potential negative implications, it is undeniable that AI also comes with remarkable benefits for humanity. And Google has managed to demonstrate this with its Duplex feature.

However, as Google Assistant grows, how is our privacy protected?

To be able to book appointments for us, Google’s Assistant needs to have access to all our phone data, basically know almost there is to know about us. How come some are so opened to this, but go overboard to protect themselves against Facebook – which most believe listens to their private conversations to produce related adverts? It seems that in the end, it’s all about a trade-off between convenience and security, right?

Looking forward to see how this will develop and how Google manages to tackle all security concerns that need to be taken into account.