Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. Henry Ford

Nowadays, progress is happening at a faster pace than ever.  Just a few years ago, the technology industry was all about key mobile technologies, updated computer operating systems or broadcast TV alternatives, now we’re dealing with connected devices, machine learning and self-driving cars. Barely a day goes by that we are not ‘confronted’ with new technologies, different world dynamics and new skills that are required so that we can cope with and be able to adapt to everything that’s happening.

One of the paths towards constant learning and development is sharing our expertise in different areas and experiences with frameworks, tools and technologies, so others can also learn and then bring their own contribution.

This April, the Absolutely Normal International IT Conference is back in town and has a lot of surprises for you. The 4th Gathering of IT evangelists before the first coming of the Pope will bring together 400 participants and over 13 IT professionals from all over the world who are ready to discuss about their experiences and best practices on dealing with technology.

IT passionates are in for a treat

Since our passion for technology and IT is almost sacred, DevExperience has prepared some interesting surprises for its participants, so here we go:

Ecclesiastic discounts – if you’re planning to buy a ticket for the conference and your name sounds church-related, then you’re in luck. The organizers offer discounts from 10 – 50% based on how religious-like your name is (e.g. if your name is Popa or alike you get 50% off).  Follow DevExperience’s website and Facebook page for the exact discount;

The Pilgrimage – this year’s edition is about to get even better. Help the organizers awake the city and follow them in their holy journey through the IT community’s favourite places. And then, if you’ve done your prayers right, you might get some coffee or a beer and a 20% discount for the conference ticket.

As in the previous years, everyone can participate in the the weekly raffles that give you the opportunity to win a free ticket to the conference. You can read more about the raffle and your winning chances on the DevExperience blog.

When & Where

The conference will take place on April 19th at the International Hotel in Iasi, starting with 9:00 a.m. The event will be closing at 6:00 p.m. and will be followed by the traditional Geek Party.

13 speakers will take the floor this year and share their knowledge and practices on 3 separate tracks, namely DevOps, Architecture and Security. Check the agenda to see what topics will be addressed for each track.

As you are probably already accustomed to, on the day after the conference, April 20th, you’ll have the chance to attend the community events organized by Wantsome, Centric IT Solutions Romania, RomSoft and UiPath.

Those who want to get even more hands-on experience and learn a great deal of new things from experienced professionals, have the possibility to sign-up for one of the three workshops hosted by international speakers which will take place at Wantsome’s headquarters.  

Keen on keeping a close relationship with the tech community, Press on Security is again an official partner for DevExperience so we’ll share constant updates and relevant news up until and during the conference. Stay tuned!