Artificial intelligence adoption is growing at a faster pace than ever. From where we’re standing, it looks like there will never be another AI winter. People want to learn more about it and a lot of organizations are fighting to be the first ones to reinvent their services and products with the help of AI.  Although there’s a big hype around it, the 4th revolution is still at the beginning. There are a lot of aspects that are under discussion and researchers keep finding new opportunities but also new threats of these technologies.

One thing that is certain is that AI will fundamentally impact the way we live and work and it is important that we learn how to cope with all the transformations the new era will bring. And for this it is keen that we, humans, understand the role, applicability and diversity of artificial intelligence.

If you like to read about AI and you’re a fan of Asimov’s sci-fi books, then you know about NDR-113. The shiny little robot that began to display human characteristics such as creativity, emotion and self-awareness and, in the end, was declared a human being.

The good people at Strongbytes and Codecamp are also fans of Asimov so, in 2018, they’ve joined hands and organized NDR, an amazing conference tackling artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, NLP, to name but a few. The first edition was a real hit and this year’s promises to be even greater.

You’re going to love it

The event will gather some of the greatest minds that are keen to discuss about their experiences in working with AI and its sub-domains and to share use cases and best practices. Although the talks will be predominantly technical, the conference is addressed to everyone interested in learning more about these topics. The main purpose is to raise awareness and educate the audience, so don’t shy away, there’s a lot to discover!

This year, more than 20 international and local speakers will take the floor to show you how to build intelligent applications and how companies use intelligent techniques in production. Furthermore, if you’re interested in starting a data science career, they are ready to give you some advice and recommendations on what you can do.

When & Where

In 2019, NDR will be organized in two major cities, Iasi and Bucharest. So, you have the opportunity to choose your favorite edition or even attend both conferences, you’ll not regret it.

In Iasi, the conference will take place on June 4th, at the International Hotel, starting with 9:00 a.m.

If you’re planning to buy a ticket for Bucharest, you should know that the event will take place two days later, on June 6th, in the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel InterContinental.

Don’t miss the chance to meet international experts and learn from their experience!

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