European security and technology conference

5 not-to-miss technology conferences in Europe

The infosec community is constantly growing and over the years we’ve witnessed an increase in insightful technology conferences that tackle a range of topics at the forefront of the industry. Key matters such as online security, data protection, machine learning, artificial intelligence, biometric technology, legislation and regulatory changes have been consistently addressed by industry experts and […]

What’s the deal with cutting-edge technologies?

What’s the deal with cutting-edge technologies?

Nowadays, all companies design, develop or sell products built with cutting-edge technologies. In a world where we are practically intimidated by so many offers, the cutting-edge concept makes it even harder to differentiate. But that’s in theory. Because, if we were to consider the definition of cutting-edge, using such technologies should practically be considered common-sense […]

The Artificial Intelligence Conference

It’s not artificial intelligence, it’s the people managing it

The Artificial Intelligence Conference I’ve just attended the first edition of an event that promises to be one of the largest key conferences in Romania on artificial intelligence. Buzzwords such as machine learning, deep learning, bots, data science, human intelligence, machines have been the main focus points of the 30-minute presentations that kept the audience […]

AI will be listening and watching us more than ever

Need a haircut? Google’s AI can help you

AI will be listening and watching us more than ever So, Google Assistant has just gone more Artificial Intelligent 🙂 Weather reports are suddenly obsolete, the tool can now make calls on your behalf and book appointments. And it does so in a very human-like nature. At Google I/O developer’s conference in Mountain View, Google […]

Cryptography at the core of security technologies

Cryptography at the core of security technologies

Don’t miss Anastasiia’s talk on security and cryptography! Press on Security is keen on keeping its readership up-to-date with news on DevExperience, the absolutely normal international conference. As the preparations for the event on April 23rd as well as for the community events are practically done, we are turning our attention towards the speakers that […]

Press on Security invites you to an absolutely normal international conference covering technology advancements, IT best practices

The rise of technology and an absolutely normal international conference

It seems that in the last decade technology has developed at a faster pace than ever before. From smartphones to IoT, wearables, augmented reality, AI and machine learning, the world is massively changing. Take a look at just how far we’ve come in 2018, we have even managed to send cars into space. To keep […]