Data Protection Regulation is almost here

Worried about data protection? GDPR in 3 “mandatory'” steps

The deadline for the data protection regulation is right around the corner and the moment to start preparing for it was yesterday. While experts continue to count the blessings of the initiative and look ahead with great optimism, organizations are venturing off into the unknown. With less than 3 months to go, there are still […]

Cyberbullying has become increasingly common

Cyberbullying attacks soar all over the world. What are we doing to fight it?

Cyberbullying has become increasingly common, especially among teenagers. Sadly, we live in a world of terrors. All the groundbreaking advancements that have helped the humanity progress over the last centuries have, undeniably, also left us vulnerable to violence and threats. Historically, kids and teenagers have been susceptible to harassment, yet nowadays, bullies and mean girls […]

PSD2 and GDPR deadline fast approaching

Two major events that will impact the financial industry in 2018

The financial industry across Europe is currently undergoing significant changes. We’ll soon be witnessing the outcome of two major events that have the potential to make or break the paradigm shift in banking and data protection. PSD2 and GDPR are the most awaited initiatives in the last couple of years. Driven by the European Commission, […]

GDPR: Do you know what you need to do by May 2018?

GDPR: Do you know what you need to do by May 2018?

With less than a year until the GDPR enters into effect, European companies still find it quite challenging to understand and comply with its requirements. The main purpose of the regulation is to facilitate the flow of personal data across the member states and protect this data, thus, ensuring that rights of the individuals are […]

Holiday fraud madness: simple ways to avoid it

PSD2: What does it mean for you?

Since PSD2 entered into force in January 2016, there have been countless discussions on the changes it requires and the impact it might have on businesses all over Europe. Payment processing experts, banking professionals and financial consultants have all voiced their assumptions, enthusiasm and concerns regarding the revised Payment Service Directive. Even so, at this moment, only 3 months away from the deadline, the requirements seem quite daunting for some. There are still a lot […]

What are Romania’s chances to have a booming fintech scene? 2 undeniable truths

What are Romania’s chances to have a booming fintech scene? 2 undeniable truths

It’s no secret that Central and Western European countries are embracing innovation in financial services and are racing to be the ones leading the fintech revolution. And some of them have already managed to secure their title as “world’s fintech hubs” by disrupting mainstream banking and payments services. But what about the rest of Europe, […]