GDPR: Do you know what you need to do by May 2018?

GDPR: Do you know what you need to do by May 2018?

With less than a year until the GDPR enters into effect, European companies still find it quite challenging to understand and comply with its requirements. The main purpose of the regulation is to facilitate the flow of personal data across the member states and protect this data, thus, ensuring that rights of the individuals are […]

Holiday fraud madness: simple ways to avoid it

PSD2: What does it mean for you?

Since PSD2 entered into force in January 2016, there have been countless discussions on the changes it requires and the impact it might have on businesses all over Europe. Payment processing experts, banking professionals and financial consultants have all voiced their assumptions, enthusiasm and concerns regarding the revised Payment Service Directive. Even so, at this moment, only 3 months away from the deadline, the requirements seem quite daunting for some. There are still a lot […]

What are Romania’s chances to have a booming fintech scene? 2 undeniable truths

What are Romania’s chances to have a booming fintech scene? 2 undeniable truths

It’s no secret that Central and Western European countries are embracing innovation in financial services and are racing to be the ones leading the fintech revolution. And some of them have already managed to secure their title as “world’s fintech hubs” by disrupting mainstream banking and payments services. But what about the rest of Europe, […]

London fintech hub

5 indisputable reasons London is the centre of fintech

At a time in which the whole world was engaged in Brexit debates, discussing whether or not this will ruin London’s financial supremacy, Barclays launched what promises to be the largest fintech accelerator in Europe. Rise London is a purpose-built fintech hub which proves once again that, as Magdalena Kron, Head of Rise London stated, “knowledge and expertise exists in London in a way you can’t instantly replicate […]

WannaCry attack

What we all need to learn after WannaCry

Fraud will never go away, we ought to understand it, accept it and be prepared to fight it when the time comes. Unfortunately, most of us were not even remotely prepared for what happened a couple of days ago. WannaCry took us by surprise and caught us completely off guard. And this should not really happen in the context of IT security. How it works […]

Stay safe online

Are you a ‘cybersecurity ninja’? Be safe online

Let’s face it – nowadays, there’s no single soul who doesn’t have an online presence, be it even a small one. Even my grandma recently asked me if she can’t get on “that Faybook you all kids use these days” 🙂  And this got me thinking that, even though some internet users are security addicts […]