Check out the Story behind Press on Security

The story behind the idea of this blog is quite simple.

Technology and progress are part of our everyday lives. We conduct most of our activities online and we have also moved the cloud into our homes (IoT) trying to create an even more connected world. However, with great convenience, come greater risks, especially in terms of information security and data protection.

The mission of the blog is to keep its readers up-to-date with the latest technology developments, as well as the major security implications, regulatory changes, fraud attempts and data breaches. Since fintech is and will continue to be a buzzword in the payments industry, you’ll also read here about the most innovative fintech initiatives worldwide.

Tech conference coverage, national and international security-related campaigns and book reviews are also something you’ll be able to read about in the near future.

The blog owner is an economist with a proven experience in the payments and security industry and an everlasting passion for content creation. Following a 5-year journey as a Senior Content Writer for a financial media source addressing the global payment professionals, I’ve remained faithful to the payments and data security field by creating this blog and write about my favourite topics.

If you want to exchange ideas or have any suggestion, please feel free to contact me.