NDR – The Artificial Intelligence Conference you should not miss

Artificial intelligence adoption is growing at a faster pace than ever. From where we’re standing, it looks like there will never be another AI winter. People want to learn more about it and a lot of organizations are fighting to be the first ones to reinvent their services and products with the help of AI.  […]

Where do we draw the line in AI?

Will the AI systems we’re building become so human-like that we won’t be able to tell the difference between machine and actual human being? For those who haven’t seen Ex Machina, the article contains spoilers. A bright and resourceful man builds an intelligent humanoid robot with artificial intelligence. The machine has already passed a normal […]

Books and websites to read

Where to get your updates on technological advancements

The speed of technological advancements is sometimes making it a bit challenging for us to keep up-to-date with everything that is going on. Thought leaders in fintech, digital identity, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity are constantly discussing the industries and sharing their valuable insights to make it easier for everyone to become aware of what’s happening […]

The Artificial Intelligence Conference

It’s not artificial intelligence, it’s the people managing it

The Artificial Intelligence Conference I’ve just attended the first edition of an event that promises to be one of the largest key conferences in Romania on artificial intelligence. Buzzwords such as machine learning, deep learning, bots, data science, human intelligence, machines have been the main focus points of the 30-minute presentations that kept the audience […]

AI will be listening and watching us more than ever

Need a haircut? Google’s AI can help you

AI will be listening and watching us more than ever So, Google Assistant has just gone more Artificial Intelligent 🙂 Weather reports are suddenly obsolete, the tool can now make calls on your behalf and book appointments. And it does so in a very human-like nature. At Google I/O developer’s conference in Mountain View, Google […]