Books and websites to read

Where to get your updates on technological advancements

The speed of technological advancements is sometimes making it a bit challenging for us to keep up-to-date with everything that is going on. Thought leaders in fintech, digital identity, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity are constantly discussing the industries and sharing their valuable insights to make it easier for everyone to become aware of what’s happening […]

Online security is key

Online security – why should we care about it?

Why the fuss about online security? People have had their data stored, shared or even stolen for ages even if it was only on paper, so why do we need to make such a case for being extra safe on the internet? Over the last decades, the internet has completely revolutionized our world by being […]

European security and technology conference

5 not-to-miss technology conferences in Europe

The infosec community is constantly growing and over the years we’ve witnessed an increase in insightful technology conferences that tackle a range of topics at the forefront of the industry. Key matters such as online security, data protection, machine learning, artificial intelligence, biometric technology, legislation and regulatory changes have been consistently addressed by industry experts and […]

WannaCry attack

What we all need to learn after WannaCry

Fraud will never go away, we ought to understand it, accept it and be prepared to fight it when the time comes. Unfortunately, most of us were not even remotely prepared for what happened a couple of days ago. WannaCry took us by surprise and caught us completely off guard. And this should not really happen in the context of IT security. How it works […]

Stay safe online

Are you a ‘cybersecurity ninja’? Be safe online

Let’s face it – nowadays, there’s no single soul who doesn’t have an online presence, be it even a small one. Even my grandma recently asked me if she can’t get on “that Faybook you all kids use these days” 🙂  And this got me thinking that, even though some internet users are security addicts […]

IoT advent

The Advent of IoT: a trade-off between convenience and security?

The online world has never been more dynamic or more challenging than it is nowadays. The internet and groundbreaking technology enhancements have reshaped our lives and transformed the way we do things, both in a business environment and in our personal space. Over the past few years, technologies such as cloud, mobile solutions, big data […]