Online security is key

Online security – why should we care about it?

Why the fuss about online security? People have had their data stored, shared or even stolen for ages even if it was only on paper, so why do we need to make such a case for being extra safe on the internet? Over the last decades, the internet has completely revolutionized our world by being […]

Holiday fraud madness: simple ways to avoid it

Holiday fraud madness: simple ways to avoid it

We are only a few weeks away from the holiday fraud madness. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas are not only joyful moments filled with peace and calm but also amazing opportunities for fraudsters to refill their pockets with lots of money. Each year starting November we are flooded with news about companies being […]

Stay safe online

Are you a ‘cybersecurity ninja’? Be safe online

Let’s face it – nowadays, there’s no single soul who doesn’t have an online presence, be it even a small one. Even my grandma recently asked me if she can’t get on “that Faybook you all kids use these days” 🙂  And this got me thinking that, even though some internet users are security addicts […]

Ho Ho Ho!

Let’s all defraud-O It’s the holiday season again and we are all busy finalizing projects, closing last-minute deals, preparing for next year’s challenges and shopping around the Christmas tree. All this time, fraudsters are also extremely busy finding new and, possibly, untraceable ways to steal our money. This time of the year, consumers are always […]