AI will be listening and watching us more than ever

Need a haircut? Google’s AI can help you

AI will be listening and watching us more than ever So, Google Assistant has just gone more Artificial Intelligent 🙂 Weather reports are suddenly obsolete, the tool can now make calls on your behalf and book appointments. And it does so in a very human-like nature. At Google I/O developer’s conference in Mountain View, Google […]

Data Protection Regulation is almost here

Worried about data protection? GDPR in 3 “mandatory'” steps

The deadline for the data protection regulation is right around the corner and the moment to start preparing for it was yesterday. While experts continue to count the blessings of the initiative and look ahead with great optimism, organizations are venturing off into the unknown. With less than 3 months to go, there are still […]

Digital persona

Digital identity as a commodity of the future

Will our digital persona be enough to complete financial transactions? Iago, Shakespeare’s most sinister villain, expresses the idea that someone’s “good name” is his best asset. During a conversation with Othello, the character states that stealing someone’s money wouldn’t mean much, but stealing his reputation would make the thief richer and the victim much poorer. […]

IoT advent

The Advent of IoT: a trade-off between convenience and security?

The online world has never been more dynamic or more challenging than it is nowadays. The internet and groundbreaking technology enhancements have reshaped our lives and transformed the way we do things, both in a business environment and in our personal space. Over the past few years, technologies such as cloud, mobile solutions, big data […]

Privacy vs. security

Security at the expense of privacy? Why not both?

Steve Cook, the CEO of Apple, mentioned in an interview that Americans should have both privacy and security. The statement, which raised a few eyebrows, was in response to US’s government desire to access data that is protected by encryption. The move was aimed at making the fight against terrorism easier by trying to be […]