“I find the concept of GDPR, the idea that you own your data, fantastic”

Interview with Christian Wenz – DevExperience 2019 We are now living in and for the technology era. Regular activities like paying your bills, shopping, making appointments, doing your taxes, checking your banking account, you name it, can be done entirely online through web applications. Yet, greater convenience comes with increased fraud exposure, these applications turning […]

Security is important

We need to create a bridge between engineers and security experts

Interview with Anastasiia Voitova – DevExperience 2019 The matter of security when building an online product has always been important, yet somehow it has constantly been treated as an afterthought. And the same goes for data protection and privacy. However, in the last couple of years I’ve seen a paradigm shift in the tech world […]

People attending conferences

DevExperience helps the IT community in Iasi grow

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. Henry Ford Nowadays, progress is happening at a faster pace than ever.  Just a few years ago, the technology industry was all about key mobile technologies, updated computer operating systems or broadcast TV alternatives, now we’re dealing with […]

Books and websites to read

Where to get your updates on technological advancements

The speed of technological advancements is sometimes making it a bit challenging for us to keep up-to-date with everything that is going on. Thought leaders in fintech, digital identity, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity are constantly discussing the industries and sharing their valuable insights to make it easier for everyone to become aware of what’s happening […]

European security and technology conference

5 not-to-miss technology conferences in Europe

The infosec community is constantly growing and over the years we’ve witnessed an increase in insightful technology conferences that tackle a range of topics at the forefront of the industry. Key matters such as online security, data protection, machine learning, artificial intelligence, biometric technology, legislation and regulatory changes have been consistently addressed by industry experts and […]

What’s the deal with cutting-edge technologies?

What’s the deal with cutting-edge technologies?

Nowadays, all companies design, develop or sell products built with cutting-edge technologies. In a world where we are practically intimidated by so many offers, the cutting-edge concept makes it even harder to differentiate. But that’s in theory. Because, if we were to consider the definition of cutting-edge, using such technologies should practically be considered common-sense […]